Zimby Mojo

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I finally played my first (and likely last) game of Zimby Mojo. If I had to sum up ZM in one word, it would probably be "interesting" or maybe "ok". The tagline "A co-opportunistic game of cannibalistic mayhem" was just too good to pass up. The basic premise of the game, start off cooperatively until the king is dead and then shift to a competitive game to try to steal the crown, was very appealing. I just don't feel like the game delivered enough to make playing again worthwhile. This was partly because the co-op part was way too short. It only took us two or three rounds to kill the king and then approximately one million rounds trying to steal the crown before we finally gave up. There just seemed no end in sight, we just kept going back and forth with no one quite able to steal the crown. Exacerbating the problem, the game is also very fiddly and we spent a lot of time in the rulebook looking up rules and trying to work out edge cases. This after reading the rulebook three times and watching a video playthrough. This game will require some dedication to play well. So, it was interesting and perhaps with repeated plays we might be able to get the rules down and figure out viable strategies but with so many other excellent and more accessible games, who has the time? I would recommend that anyone give this game a try if they get the opportunity because it is very unique, but that's about as far as I can go with it. I'll be trading it away.




Review copy from Jim Felli. The game is a celebration of meanness, a carnival of carnage, and I'm here for it.


Loaded with randomness and AP. 5 players, 3 hrs. Rated a 3 since the BGG scoring description for a 4 is "Not so good - but could play again." because I don't think I would ever want to play this again.