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Playing it for the first time, I somehow kept feeling that every aspect this game has is glued on to make it a game.


New game by Reiner Stockhausen (Orleans), interested to try this. First game was entertaining but very lengthy, need to replay this for a good verdict. As I also own Orleans, consider to trade this one away.


Multiplayer solitaire resource conversion that runs too long. The challenge of trashing your discs properly is potentially interesting, but everything else is passable at best.


My wife decided she likes this one, so went through a frenzy of plays. I am unsure this will hold up, but I do enjoy the game. Not so sure we will ever embrace the expansion.


Interesting. But too long. The players are pretty much forced down a specific path based on their initial power.


Enjoyed this one a lot. Kind of a brain burner, especially since the game doesn’t give you much direction to start. The game doesn’t overstay its welcome; turns are fast and interesting, and it always feels like there’s at least something you can do. I could see myself bumping this one up after a couple more plays.


I can see why people really like the game. For me it goes on a bit long. I think maybe setting up for one less player would mitigate that as the resources may run out before the tiles do.


Wait to see if there is a solo mode in the pipeline orleans is a great game and curious as to how this plays First game of altiplano 31/3/18 and still find bag building as a mechanism really enjoyable. I wish there was more player interaction , as this fills a bit like the newer Uwe Rosenberg games, which in turn feels a bit like Stefan field designed games due to it. Not a criticism, more an observation. Bit concerned about game length as ours took 4hrs (inc setup & rules explanation). Engine building game in which you are scoring point for collecting resources the most efficient way. Found a day later, we played the game with too many rounds included, as the tiles are player count specific. Back to the top of the games to play pile.


Really fun & thinky game. It’s very different from Orleans and significantly more difficult. The production quality is good & the illustrations are also well done. Our first-player alpaca doesn’t stay together, which is a little disappointing.


A multi-player solitaire, themeless resource conversion engine-building point salad. So... everything I don't like about Euros in one unbearably boring package. A real grind to play. Not remotely fun, and overstays its welcome, even at 2p.


I like Orleans better.


Much like its predecessor, Altiplano is a huge sandbox. The various locations and goods encourage exploration and the role tiles lend just enough asymmetry to spur your discovery. Through these asymmetries each player will find themselves in a unique position regarding which resources are abundant and which remain scarce. This irregular scarcity is the cornerstone of Altiplano and forces the players into divergent strategies each game. With several viable scoring methods Altiplano offers much to enjoy.