Wildlands board game
Wildlands board game


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The great Darkness has fallen, and the Empire with it.

The arcane crystals which once powered entire cities were shattered, and the darkness was destroyed by the magics unleashed. All that remains are the lawless ruins known as the Wildlands, and the shards of the crystals that have been strewn across them. Now a few souls, the brave and the desperate, seek the shards to harness their power for their own ends.

Take control of one of four factions, from the spell-slinging Mages' Guild or the nimble Gnomads to the versatile Lawbringers or the hard-hitting Pit Fighters. Each brings their own playstyle, with unique decks of action cards determining their abilities on the battlefield, so plan your tactics carefully. Dash through the ruins to grab the crystals you so desperately desire or focus your efforts on taking out the opposition - but take care, danger may be lurking in the darkness…

In the Wildlands, opportunity awaits… if you fight for it.

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  • Weight: 2.10 / 5
  • It's fine, sure, but it's very lacking in personality and falls prey to many of the standard multiplayer conflict problems (A and B fight, C wins).
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  • Fun game that impressed us, though some simple things would have made it better: 1. Color tokens/cards to show player colors once all 5 warriors are deployed. 2. Warrior art doesn't match minis, which makes it hard to match yourself and others. Even with these drawbacks it was a lot of fun. (Based on 1 play, it was fun for those losing--the other 3--as well as for me. I won with melee team, killing 3 and getting 2 jewels.)
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Three games this week:

1) Village: Second time playing this game.  I quite enjoy it.  The theme is cool and the way the worker placement and "removal" works makes it different from most other games I've played.  I decided I would buy Village: Inn to add a bit more to it.

2) Wildlands: First time with this game.  It's a relatively straight forward and quick dudes on a map rumble.  There is definitely some subtle strategy there though that I didn't start to pick up on until the end of the game.   I'd definitely play it again with the new strategies in mind.

3) Fantasy Realms: Second time playing.  It's a good filler game.  The scoring is quite complex so it's a good thing it has a scoring app but the game is easy to teach and play.  I would say that while you have control there is still a high degree of luck as to which cards you end up seeing during the game.  The right card showing up can really rocket your score up but if you hold out waiting for the perfect card you might end up with a low score.  That's not an issue for my group (being a short game helps) but for some people it may be an issue.

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