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It's fine, sure, but it's very lacking in personality and falls prey to many of the standard multiplayer conflict problems (A and B fight, C wins).


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Fun game that impressed us, though some simple things would have made it better: 1. Color tokens/cards to show player colors once all 5 warriors are deployed. 2. Warrior art doesn't match minis, which makes it hard to match yourself and others. Even with these drawbacks it was a lot of fun. (Based on 1 play, it was fun for those losing--the other 3--as well as for me. I won with melee team, killing 3 and getting 2 jewels.)


This is quite a fun game. The rules are light and there aren't a lot of exceptions to memorize. This makes the battles feel very even and exciting. The only minor gripe is that due to the way things can be set up some players may not have a very interactive game and there isn't a way past setup to alleviate this.


This is a very fun, very accessible skirmish game that's really getting overlooked. The asymmetrical factions are fantastic and all viable, and it's truly a blast. Plays best at 4 for sure. If possible play it with 4. It's still fun at 2 players, but gems are way too easy to collect in a 2 player match. I normally just raise the VP requirement a couple points to incentivice conflict