Et Toque!


Time to see what kind of chef you could be, so don your toque and get to the kitchen!

Each round in Et Toque!, players receive an erasable magnetic board, a marker and a dozen magnetic tiles, each showing a random ingredient. Then they secretly receive a menu theme card showing the dinner for which they must prepare: a feast for vampires, dinner in the savannah, a meal for hippies...

They must use at least four of their tiles to create a meal plan, which can consist of any number of dishes. With the marker they can add connecting words to embellish their dishes, but they cannot write nouns or adjectives. Use the ingredients given to you!

Once all players have composed their menus, the theme cards are collected, shuffled, then laid out on the table. All players reveal their menus, then everyone votes on which menu corresponds with which theme. Bon appétit!


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