Cards Against Humanity

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Laughed my head off the first time I played it. However the second time was not the as excitin. Each game will have a few great jokes but it will end up being a lot of the same as well.


Apples to Apples, with offensive cards...


It's been a great way to make new friends, but I'm burned out on it.


Maria’s pre2015


In the last month or so we have played through the entire box a couple of times at big group events...getting stale now and definitely needs an expansion soon if we are going to continue to play. Update: CAH continues to get less and less playtime. There are so many better party games out there that get more play time. Gifted to family member.


good party game, but don't let it be played for hours on end like some people I know should be a filler game, not an entire evening.


This is a hilarious game to play at parties whilst drinking. Not ranking higher, though, because as a game with rules it sorta falls apart. It's just fun to make amusing matches.


Also includes unopened expansions #002 and #004


Its a great time, but you really need more cards if you play it with the same people and it really isn't a 'game' so much.


The jokes end up being the same almost every time.


Never again


Enjoyable when people want to explain their choices and go non-sequitur. Otherwise more of an activity than a game, but enjoyable in certain scenarios.



Great party game, grows weary though the more you play it with the same people, best for relatively new friends I think


Owned by girlfriend A fun party game to play with any of my friends. Sure the jokes wear thin after many games, but I don't play it that often. This is one of the few games that I think will get worse and worse the longer it sits on my shelf as pop culture references get outdated.


Impress the judge by joking about the Holocaust and coat hanger abortions. No thanks.


I would rather sit and stare at a wall than play this.


Never again! Unless I am drunk. Such a weak game.


After a few plays really starts to out stay it's welcome. Would actively try to avoid playing anymore. Was fun the first few times.


Hated it. Apples to Apples for low-brow types. Funny for about two seconds. Immature and offensive the rest of the time.


W/ TONS of expansions Usually a great simple, conversational game, easy to get people into. I enjoy it sometimes, but really with new or large groups of people. Haven't touched it in a while.1


Expansion 2, 3


Solid, insanely offensive fun. But, lately, I find myself agreeing with SUSD's take that this game removes all responsibility from being offensive. It's true. Not a great game, but something that might get played once a year - typically around the holidays.


An important part of this type of game is that the cards are balanced so that people don't just pick a card because it made them laugh. Apples to Apples is, in my experience, a better game when you remove the "Helen Keller" card because people look at the association between the red and green cards, rather than just picking the card that made them laugh. CAH, of course, ignores this because they want every card to be shocking and funny to read. But it's just not possible for them all to be equally funny, so the game devolves into "who played the funniest card" with no cleverness at all. Combine this with the fact that that type of humor is honestly pretty shallow, especially if taken all at once over a few hours, and this game really bums me out.


$25.00 03-Dec-12


(10/17) 5. A quite dark, though very fun game that runs out of steam after the first go through.


Fun, but it usually only lasts for a few rounds.