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A very solid Euro game. The dice drafting is fun and makes planning essential. The only critique I have is that the game is littered with iconography which can make teaching a bit difficult, but there is a wonderful listing in the book of all cards and monastery effects which clears up everything nicely.


Medium complexity euro game with dice pips representing the cost to purchase influence within the city of Coimbra. This cost can be paid for in either guards or coins from your supply, depending upon the card being purchased. The colour of the dice determines which of the four income tracks trigger. The council member provide guards, merchants provide coins, clerics advance your pilgrim's travel & scholars provide victory points. So far the game play feels familiar and game turns are fluid. AP could be an issue for some players. I enjoy engine building & dice drafting. Nice game, slightly more complex to teach than i would have liked. Common issue so far has been mis-understanding the dice colour should match the character rather than the income track. First game on 13/10/2018 - 2 player. Took the council members & commerce route and tied with lauraine who decided to join the faithful. 2nd game was 3 player, with Brian learning his first game. Went on a long pilgrimage. Can see the 4 player game mixing it up further, as players compete for the most effective cards. Game Ranking:8 +.1 for playing well at various player counts although its a long 4 player game -.1 for complexity in explaining the rules


This is Lorenzo + Grand Austria + Marco Polo's little nephew. Same feel that takes half as long with two. This is by far the least amount of theme out of all of those but the art elevates it to the point that I don't really care. Some of the rules could have been streamlined (player order, taking track resources in turn, etc.) but it doesn't distract as we ignore the unnecessary bureaucratic fodder. Will adjust if the cards become too samey after multiple plays. I just wish it had more variability with the market.


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