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Classically simple "minute to learn, lifetime (or a dozen playings or so at least) to master" abstract game that remains tense and enjoyable throughout as your are constantly tactically responding to new threats on your territory.  The pieces and board have a nice tactile feel too.


Very good abstract game. But, must be played at 4 players and there can be king-making.



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Very approachable for non-gamers. Simple rules, a good "take that" factor. Excellent for children 6 and adults. It's one of those games you'll often go after 2 or 3 times in a row. I've gotten my ass handed to me by a 6 year old before. Yet, this game is not luck dependent at all - she's just good =p


Will play, but I'm not a huge abstract fan, so I won't usually suggest this.


It's an alright abstract, but there are better ones that I'd rather play.


A very big box. Pieces are so-so and I am not too enthralled with the game. In the beginning, it seems as if there is a lot of space to manouevre but that quickly changes! It is not for the "too-thinky" kind of people that I play with.


I enjoy blokus with my wife, the boys also love making different coloured shapes using the pieces. IT has been a while since our last play.


(+) Fitting your blocks and planning where to go is fun, blocking people is enjoyable, good mixture of tactics and strategy (-) Needs 4 players, has a lot of "gotcha"


It’s an abstract classic, maybe it’s a little meh after the first matches, but it involve a lot of strategy, best player range is at 4 players. Whenever this bad boy goes to the table it succeeds.


Great abstract. Playable from a very early age and yet fun for even the serious gamer.


It's full of backstabbing and screwing people over, yet it's for ages 5 to Adult. Think of it was turn-based, multiplayer, anti-Tetris. Only insanely evil.


Good abstract strategy game that works well with 4. If you're playing with 3 it's meh, and with 2 you need to play with a smaller board, otherwise it's boring.