Die Glasstraße: Die Adventskalendererweiterung


4 new tiles, contained in Brettspiel Adventskalender 2015 for Day 11.

3 Bonus building tiles:

  • Christkindlesmarkt: * 1 point per Bonus building on your Landscape board. (translation: Christmas Market)
  • Einfriedung: * 4 points if you have no empty spaces left on your Landscape board at the end of the game. (translation: Enclosure)
  • Umbau: Immediately place this building on top of one of the Start buildings “Forest Glassworks” or “Brotherhood of the Masons”. The Rebuild is worth 3 points. (translation: Renovation)

1 Immediate building tile:

  • Gaststube: When you build the Guesthouse, immediately use a Processing building on the Building board. (translation: Guest house)


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