Dice Throne

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Dice rolling fun, with character building in a battle environment. Build your character up to knock down the opposition. Great fun making combos. Dice and cards = luck driven.


Own Season 2 KS version with Battle Chest. Glorious production. Fun and balanced gameplay! Plenty of interesting decisions and ways to mitigate dice rolls and modify attacks. Tracking status effects can get tiresome, and dice mitigation can be AP-inducing (too many possible dice outcomes at times).


Dice Throne is a bit deceptive. Roughly 1/3 of its characters are deceptively similar in play despite appearing asymmetrical. Some characters, like the Pyromancer, straight up don't have choices. They just take the best possible roll and resolve for numbers. It's...fine? It's fine. But only fine.


this game is a light weight game play of fantasy characters challenging other characters. The game is basic in lay. Though there are special powers, I find the game to be bland in the characterizations. The basic game mechanism is push your luck int the Yahtzee style of choosing dice rolls. This is a good gateway game , but there is no much else here.


Yahtzee... Random attacking in the 3 player game is obviously worse than attacking left. Needs more strategy to take as long as it does. Needs more explosiveness to make it shorter and still exciting. Needs much more strategy to have characters that have a slow build up to be viable and not dragging the game out while we all mindlessly roll dice.


A fun, quick game. Easy to teach to friends who wouldn't be excited for an in depth euro or RPG.