Disaster on Everest


Disaster on Everest is a solitaire game of climbing to the summit of Mt. Everest. Your goal is to use your guides to move clients up and down the mountain safely before the storm arrives. Each turn, you are limited in the number of climbers you can move. Guides can move clients farther, but your clients outnumber your guides. An event chit is drawn that must be either purchased out of a limited amount of Prestige Points or it goes on the Storm Track, hastening the arrival of the storm. The storm phase decreases movement and increases the difficulty of managing the clients.

Points are scored for clients that reach the summit and live to return to base camp.

As the owner of an exotic travel company that specializes in extreme sporting activities, you provide clients with a way to reach the top of the world, Mt. Everest. Unfortunately, several other competing agencies have opened up, each with the goal of becoming the most prestigious and successful travel company.

You control the guides and clients attempting a dangerous ascent to the summit of Everest as a deadly storm approaches. The more clients that reach the summit and live to tell the tale, the greater your company's prestige and fortune. Can you triumph over a Disaster on Everest?

Control the movement of your guides and climbers as they navigate the treacherous ridges, ascend the technically-challenging Hillary Step, and strive to reach the "top of the world!" Maximize the use of your guides' special abilities to safely escort your clients as the storm approaches. Manage the events on the mountain or lose your well-paying important clients to the inevitable disasters that await.

Advanced and optional game rules add client traits and unique travel company abilities.


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