Giant Monsters are invading! As a giant monster, stomping cities is what you do. But now, other giant monsters are moving in on your turf - and you have to put a stop to that! Through a bizarre twist of fate, a branch of the military has decided to focus all its firepower on the other monsters. While your rivals are busy trampling tanks and swatting fighter jets, you'll be out there growing in power and infamy - getting ready for the Monster Challenge. In the end, when the dust settles and the radiation fades, the last creature standing will be crowned King of the Giant Monsters. Game comes with 6 Plastic Giant Monsters, 44 Plastic Military Units, 16 Monster Mutation Cards, 16 Military Research Cards, 15 Plastic Sliders, 65 Tokens, 3 Dice, 13 Reference Cards, 1 Game Board, and 1 Rulebook. For 2 - 4 Players, Ages 12 and Up.

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