Ghost Stories

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With [thing=47616][/thing] and engraved dice with dice bag.


Phenomenal, punishing co-op. Brutally difficult but intensely rewarding. I think this is Antoine Bauza's best design, and that's a really impressive thing.


Secret Santa gift from LBGG from too many years ago. Finally sat down and went through the rules - Wow !


Great co-op game. I actually like this significantly more than Pandemic. The variant for 2/3 players feels ham-fisted. I prefer to just play 2 ninjas each, or cooperatively play a 4th.


Great co-op game. Very difficult and unforgiving. Will play again. Love me some Antoine Bauza.


Extremely difficult game of fighting off and invasion of ghosts in a mystical Chinese village. Fun, but the difficulty and fiddly, easy to forget rules are a little overwhelming.


very hard game but cool coop, almost won!


Ok game. I am not much for co-op play. It kinda feels like Arkham Horror lite. That's not a bad thing but it loses out the immersive flavour that is AH! Not much of a narrative and the theme sort of falls flat.


Maybe I need to play again, but I didn't feel like my decisions had that much influence over whether we won or lost. If you play poorly you'll almost certainly lose, but I'm not sure playing well will be rewarded more often than not. But again, I probably need to play again to make sure that's true.


A puzzly co-op game that just did not catch my interest. The rulebook isn't great and the game just seems way too difficult. I struggled to find a reason to want to play this again.


Overpowered monks beat the crap out of ghosts to get their behinds handed to them in the end. I really like these hard games.


Drawn out and somewhat repetitive.