Secret Hitler

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This is probably my current favorite hidden role game. the game play is simple and it doesn't have a heavy or repeating night phase. The theme of stopping the rise of Fascist Germany is fun and I really enjoy the lettering and board designs.


Played this a bunch on TTS. Not quite the same because there's only voice chat, so it's tough to read facial expressions and body language, but it's still good and tense.


by 3MBG

Fine filler game. Best with a good size group. Have no idea why this is so popular on Tabletop simulator as it's all about reading people.


I'd rather play any of the Resistance games instead.


Pretty good deduction game, I still would probably play The Resistance over this. I'm not a huge fan of how sometimes you are forced to play a tile that you don't want to. It pulls away from the deduction part of the game. There is always a chance that they might be doing bad things but are the good guy. It was entertaining though, no other game allows you to repeatedly accuse your friends of being a fascist.


Tweaked "The Resistance". Love it.


I like the shifting dynamics, but dislike the theme. Could be an 8 with a different theme. I may do a print and play of Secret Voldemort at some point.


The best social deduction game I've played. I think there's a tiny bit of room to perfect the genre still


A okay attempt at Resistence 2.0. Brilliant production. Bit too random.


One of the best social deduction games I've played. More fun than The Resistance.


This game is the perfect party game in my opinion. I could write a short essay on this game so I'll leave it at that


Not as good as Avalon. I don't feel like I get enough info about other players. It makes the game easier for Nazis. Sure, a better player can probably deal with it, but I am not that player and social deduction games are dependent on having a large group, so adding more barriers to entry for players (get gud or gtfo) does not seem like a good idea. Also, the random policies don't work for me. Sure they create chaos for the betrayers to hide in, but I like my social deduction deterministic.


W/ Promo: The Trump Pack We haven't played this in a while and personally, I think I'm over Secret Hitler but it's amazing how much we played this early on. I think the salty-ness of some of the tabletalk is what has turned me off of playing SH over other hidden role games.


Print and Play Version - Better than resistance/avalon in my opinion


My favorite deduction game. Although the theme can be offensive for some people, if you get past that, it is a fun and intense game from beginning to the end.


This game addresses several issues that plague the social deduction genre. There is no player elimination (for the most part), there is no need for a facilitator, and there are no special role powers to worry about. Instead, Secret Hitler utilizes a policy deck to muddy the waters. These semi-secret policies enable fascists to paint themselves liberal, while a bad draw can make even a staunch liberal appear like a fascist sympathizer. Also, passing fascist policies can actually aid the liberals, so long as the President is liberal. This helps balance the importance of the Chancellor and President in the later game, and just makes the game that much harder to untangle. I'm not a huge fan of hidden roles, but I will always suggest this over any of the other social deduction games.


This looks amazing! It looks like a great blend of The Resistance and Two Rooms and a Boom and I see this potentially replacing The Resistance in my collection. April can't come fast enough! We have the P&P and believe that we will play this until the 'official' copy arrives!


Great social deduction game. We play it a lot with the print and play version.




Fantasy Flight Sleeved.


A decent hidden role game, but it just falls short for me. I'd rather play Burke's Gambit or the Resistance over this any day.


(10/17) 8. Didn't think there'd be another team based social deduction game that would come out that I'd love, but this one works really well. Very simple to understand but with lots of bluffing and deduction. In a way, similar to a cross between Resistance and Dark Moon.