The Oracle of Delphi

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This Feld game feels very different from his previous games in some ways but it still won us over! I didn't know how I would like a game that doesn't use his typical point-salad approach but I actually didn't mind it. The board is very cool to look at when setup and I really appreciate the production quality that TMG cranks out. Very cool game!


7.6 Played once so far and has quite a bit of theme for a euro. 7.7 Four plays in and im enjoying this more. It's a lot for someone to take in for their first game but one round in and most mechanisms click well. I'm still rubbish at the game, but enjoy playing it. The random dice rolls, map layouts and variable player powers all add to replay value.


2-4 players (best 3-4) 70-100 minutes




Delphi is quite different from other Feld games, but it most closely resembles Castles of Burgundy with its puzzle-like turns, dice manipulation, and potential for big combos with the use of god powers and oracle cards. Rating may move up or down as I play at different player counts.


(4/17) 7. I think this rating might go up. I'm a little concerned about the randomness of the setup, but not too much. I think I just don't really know how to mitigate it as well as I should. But gone are the days when I thought I didn't/wouldn't like Feld games, I definitely do. (10/17) 7.