Take on the Trial of the Gods!
Zeus has issued a challenge to all the worthy heroes in the land! Complete twelve legendary tasks to find favor with the gods and gain entry to Olympus. Players will sail their ships across the Aegean to complete these heroic tasks, guided by the visions of the great Oracle of Delphi.
Can you be the first to finish all your tasks and take your place next to Zeus in Olympus? Find out in The Oracle of Delphi

Fortune Favors the Bold
In The Oracle of Delphi players will be at the mercy of fate, fortune, and favor as they make their way across the Aegean to complete their monumental tasks. Each roll of the dice will determine what players can do on their turn, but their paths are not determined by fate alone. Earning favor with the gods allows players to change what the fates have in store for them, changing the visions of the Oracle and what paths players can take across the sea.
You will need to gain the favor of the gods if you have any hope of conquering the many trials Zeus has set before you.

Twelve Legendary Trials
There are several types of tasks players must complete in order to gain entry to Olympus: you must slay fearsome beasts, make pleasing offerings to the gods, build beautiful statues in the gods' honor, and construct elaborate shrines in which the gods may be worshipped.

Slay Fearsome Beasts
The Aegean is spotted with islands that are plagued with legendary monsters from Greek legend. Brave the onslaught of these foul creatures and emerge victorious, one step closer to your goal!

Make Offerings
The gods demand tribute from the mortals who worship them, and you must be sure to deliver the most pleasing of offerings to them.

Build Statues
The gods are vain, there is no doubt about it. Heroes must appeal to the vanity of the gods by building statues in their honor and likeness across the Aegean. Please the gods, and you'll find yourself that much closer to the hallowed halls of Olympus!.

Construct Shrines
Heroes who wish to gain entry to Olympus must prove their devotion to the gods. Construct fine temples so that the gods may be worshipped across the Aegean.

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