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First play, with four, was fun, exciting and a close victory. Second game, with three, was not nearly as cooperative, and we were crushed by Cthulhu. Am wondering how different each game will feel here. The lack of a fourth player seems like a big handicap to beating Cthulhu. Trade Value: $25


Surprised I liked this one!


by 3MBG

This game should not work, a Martin Wallace train game that also has you fighting Cthulhu. But somehow it does. Very enjoyable game, really like the 1940s art and style as well. Will be curious to see how it holds up to repeated plays, but looks good after one. (played at wellycon, advanced copy)


BGG '18


Almost like a greatest hits album of Martin Wallace mechanics. Take a bit of Brass/Age of Industry, a touch of Ships, a dash of God's Playground, and add it to the theme of A Study in Emerald. The semi-co-op is a little constraining and unsatisfying. You can't just torch the country to the ground like you can in God's Playground, since technically the game can win. I prefer the ability to be a little Machiavellian. The theme is a combination of dumb and troubling. I just can't relate to why Chtulhu is so damned popular, and he allegorical implications of Europeans colonizing an area and killing local "monsters" are pretty hard to stomach.