Guilds of Cadwallon: 5 to 8 Player Expansion


The Guilds of Cadwallon 5- to 8-player expansion was offered as a series of stretch goals for the Kickstarter campaign that funded Guilds of Cadwallon. It includes the following:

  • the figurines, capture tokens, and cards for four extra guilds
    • Necromancers
    • Ferrymen
    • Fortune Tellers
    • Thieves
  • 5 additional Militia cards
  • 4 additional Personality cards
    • Célénia de Teren
    • Asha Ruyar
    • The Duke of Cadwallon
    • Isabeau The Secret
  • a duplicate set of Action cards
  • a duplicate set of Contract cards, but utilizing the guilds in this expansion
  • a Guild Backer card for each guild
  • rules cards for games with 5–8 players, larger playfields, and the Guild Backer cards


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