Cleopatra And The Society of Architects

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Designer: Bruno Cathala (Five Tribes, Yamatai, Kingdomino, Jamaica)Publisher: DoWPlayer count: 3-5 (best with 4)Weight: Medium heavyMechanics: Hand management, set collectionSetting: EgyptPlay time: 60-75 minutesTheme: weakBased on 1st play with 4 players, which was quite fun.Verdict: Keeper


Most bling in a game evarrr.. well almost.. and it's a good game to boot.


Great family game!!! I liked it very very very mucho, and my family too


Another Days of Wonder sleeper. This game is very unique, in that it introduces several non-standard mechanisms that are great fun to play with. The box-as-part-of-the-board, the hidden/visible drafting market, and the most corrupt player being sacrificed to the Crocodile God! If that last one didn't grab you, the game is still loads of fun.


So you grab the largest pile, hunt for some artisans, and then build whatever you can. Call me crazy, but I prefer games with actual choices. Sure, the corruption deal is vaguely interesting--it adds a superficial layer of press-your-luck to the proceedings--but it can't salvage what's a dull drafting game. In addition, for a game with no real choices, it's too bloody long. You manage this huge hand, try to make sense of the obtuse building requirements to see what you can build, and take forever placing the mosaic tiles *just so*.


Only managed to play this two player and I don't think that allowed the game to shine. Need to get this out with more.


Interesting family game... not much of a gamers' game


Visually impressive. I had some fun with it. Some resistance from my regulars to it, so its was traded away.


In shrink wrap, purchased as a gift


nice play by the great component......


The 3d components are ridiculous, and I don't really like collecting sets of cards all that much.


A light enough game. This was among one of the first games that I played when I began this hobby. At that time it was fun but after being exposed to a number of games since, it has not figured prominently on gaming days. **Update** 2008/06/05 - About a year and a half since I've played it last. Dropping rating from 7 -> 5 because if I had a choice, I wouldn't play this.


by klz

Perhaps lighter than many like, but a good introductory Euro game with lots of chrome. Lots of chaos with the deck building, but I find it makes the game more fun that it would otherwise be. 1 extra sealed copy available for trade.


Damn crocodiles!