Zobmondo! Would You Rather...? twisted, sick and wrong


This is an adult version of the party game Would You Rather...?. The game features entirely new cards and questions, with a good number of the questions being sexual. Many other questions involve bodily functions and are just meant to be gross, and a few are adult in that they challenge religious ideas or moral gray areas. Some of the questions are tame, and could easily have been adapted into the normal game. The age of the game has been raised from 12 & up to 16 & up. Otherwise the game plays like the normal version of Would You Rather...?.

In this sick, twisted, and wrong version you'll find questions that are nauseating, bizarre, and disturbing, but each is a field tested conversation starter that is guaranteed to provide ridiculous fun, break the ice at any party and--if played correctly--open a unique window into the twisted imaginations of friends and family!


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