Meltdown 2020


It's 2020 and a disaster occurs. Nuclear reactors get damaged. No time to lose, your help is required. Lead an evacuation operation to get your people out of the country. Rescue them in time!The game starts in a random landscape, consisting of 12 tiles with each 7 hexes. There are 7 nuclear power plants (reactors), 2 airfields and the rest of the hexes is landscape.The game starts with a disaster that makes reactors leak radiation. First one reactor, but more reactors are expected to get problems, and when a reactor gets more problems the radiation reaches even further.Employees of your international company are stationed at several places in this land. Each player's mission is to evacuate their people to bring them home safe, which means they must get to an airfield. Therefore you have a car, bus and helicopter at your disposal. The heli is the fastest, but can pick up only 2 persons. The bus is slow but 4 people (driver excluded) fit in. The car is in between.If a reactor leaks radiation, the spaces around the reactor have 1 Sievert radiation per day. People will get ill there. Radiation sickness adds up over time. So 2 days of 1 sievert radiation equals 2 sievert radiation, which makes people very ill. Getting a total of 3 sievert radiation people don't survive.A reactor can get a 2nd damage, making the radiation leakage reach 2 hexes far. Then the radiation at 1 hex space distance is even 2 sievert per day. With even a 3rd damage the radiation reaches 3 spaces far, and so on.You don't know which reactors get damaged and when. Each day a maximum of 2 reactors get damage while at most 1 gets a reparation.So you try to hold chances on different evacuation paths and adjust your plans to new situations. Do you fly your heli to an airfield, or do you drop passengers in a temporary 'safe' space to fly to other persons in a danger zone? How can you combine speed and capacity of your 3 transport vehicles the best?


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