Pueblo board game

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Pueblo is a curious abstract game from my boys K&K wherein you win by taking the least amount of points. On your turn, you place a block, move the chieftain, and take points if one of your blocks is showing. The amount of points depends on how high the block is. PROS -It looks weird but cool on the table. -The theme is meaningless but I kind of like it. -It somehow engenders a lot of laughing and poking fun. CONS -It's difficult to see how you could improve your skill, playing better from game to game. -It may feel samey after a while. This game might be one you play every six months or year and feel fine about it. NOTES -I haven't played the Demolition game but it looks like it could add a fun wrinkle. -I haven't played with the sacred sites or auction. To be honest, I can't see how the auction would add much to the game. The sacred sites, on the other hand, could be good, but it would add extra punishment in an already brutal game.


Almost hate to overwrite the July 2004 rating I levt. I told the guy that it had probably been over 10 years since I played it. I was almost right! I liked it better than before. This time we played 2-player and it was better without the downtime added by others.


It's like a 3D puzzle. It was a fun game and I wouldn't turn down a chance to play.