Coup: Reformation Expansion

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A wonderful simple expansion to an already great game. However, be careful not to play the expansion with new players - they can really slow the game down. Status: In Netherlands


I'm still iffy on the Inquisitor, but the faction cards/mechanic is a definite win, though it needs 5+ players to shine. With 4 players, it was a constant game of odd man out. May only issue is that the retail version doesn't come in a nice bigger box like the Kickstarter version. The original Coup box makes for a tight fit with all the new cards, especially if you sleeve your cards.


Adding the teams aspect is a great change of pace. Bluffing and backstabbing in a game, what more to like.


Replaces the weakest role in Coup, increases the number of players, and adds a team element. If you love Coup then this is a worthwhile expansion for sure!


Teams add some much needed strategy to the game.


I find myself not adding in the things from the expansion that often. I think it doesn't change enough in Coup to warrant it and that the base game works well enough. It's still nice to have that variability though.