Chronicles of Crime

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What a master piece. Never felt so immersed in a game beforI - the VR when looking for clues is a touch of genius. The game is so elegant and simple and yet you can spend hours interacting with players trying to solve these really good mysteries.Much better writing and gameplay than Detective (wich is full of typos, weird English and useless story bits).


Rating based on 1st play, which was very good. Anxious to play this some more and even bought VR goggles to this purpose!


I dont usually like games that incorporate phone apps but this one is the exception. So freaking cool! A must see experience!


A fantastically neat gimmick and one that's definitely initially appealing. I'm not sure how much I'll enjoy Chronicles of Crime in the long run but I'm not writing it off just yet. It feels like a phone game, because it is. The novelty of scanning the cards is fun now but I'm already getting tired of it. I'm wondering why the whole thing can't just be on the phone.


KS with extra scenarios and VR glasses. Currently my favorite solo play. Love the gameplay and such an improvement from Sherlock Holmes.


A lot of fun to play. We just do everything together while moving things around or taking notes. We don't divide up the helpers or decide who is the first player.


I really like this game because it crosses the border between board games and apps. But this also has a downside. There is still a lot work to be done on improving the scenarios because we tend to get stuck because of bugs. I'm also not fond of paying €5,- per new scenario. Maybe crowdsourcing scenarios would be an option in the future because with the concept and components of this game the possibilities are endless.


As a retired forensic specialist, I can say that this game is the closest thing people can get to actually being on the job.