You and your fellow campers are making a dead run through a zombie filled forest, trying to escape the woods filled with zombified forest creatures all hungering for a taste of your brains!

With a combination of cards and dice; this game is different every time you play and the challenge keeps shifting. Not only do you have to run and escape, you have to live.

You have a limited amount of dice each round to fight your way through while you and the other players can change the forest as you make your mad dash to safety.

Beware the squirrel! He wants your brains, not your nuts!

Game Play:
You move across a game play area covered in hidden threats that want to eat you (cards) and you have to fight them with a limited and diminishing dice pool.

You move and challenge a card to progress from the camp to the road. When you challenge the card in front of you is revealed. You have to then battle that card to move forward. You have to decide how many of your attack dice to use. You also have to decide what (if any) item cards in your stash you want to use to help you. You can only use each dice once per turn so be careful.

Be the first to escape the Nightmare Forest at a Dead Run and be victorious. Fail...and become one with the flesh eating horde.

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Nightmare Forest: Dead Run

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