Power Grid: Factory Manager

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Plays better with 3+ players. With two it's really just a directly competitive puzzle game. A third person adds the extra chaos that's needed.


SOLD, October 2014


by paka

1st game left me thinking - Is that all? Second play was much better and diffrent ways and subtle nuances starting to surface. Definetly a game that gets better with each play. Fast playtime is bonus aswell


Once you get the hang of the rules, this plays fast -- about an hour, perhaps less (quite unusual and unexpected, actually). The toughest part is how to manage the worker quantity to aid in winning the turn order auction... or even if you want to some turns. Interesting game that should reveal more with subsequent plays. As many have said, it has the feel of Power Grid without ANY of the mechanics of Power Grid. Very odd indeed. Still, it's simple in design, yet complex -- a sign of brilliance, in my opinion.


Probably could have been released without the Power Grid affiliation as it's not that similar but the name undoubtedly adds to the interest. 2010-02-18 After a couple of games a month ago I should play again to see how it plays after time to think more about it. (And after rules problems should have been sorted) 2019 Five more games after getting my own copy, I think I've got teaching sorted so play is going to be quick enough to start. One round of seeing things work should be enough to get everyone up to speed.