Near and Far

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It’s both a good game and good story with great replay value. The artwork is wow.


Really like the RPG aspect of this game while still having some euro mechanisms. Love the storytelling also - plays perfect with 2 players or more!


Designer: Ryan Laukat (Above and Below, Islebound, Eight Minute Empire)Artist: Ryan LaukatPublisher: Red Raven GamesPlayer count: 2-4 (best with 3) Weight: medium heavyMechanics: worker placement / story tellingSetting: AdventureTheme: StrongPlay time: 90-120 minutesRyan Laukat's best design so far. Really like the story telling element in this game. The book with the maps is a very clever feature. The game offers several game modes (arcade, campaign, character) which all are quite different. A very enjoyable experience so far and I'm anxiously awaiting the Amber Mines expansion.




a little confusing, and I need to re-learn a bit every time we play....


Very nice storytelling experience that borrows a lot from Zelda. Still have to really play it


September 2019 $31


FOR SALE FOR TRADE Fun story telling. Takes too long to play. INCLUDES: Near and Far: Amber Mines Near and Far: Dice Tower Character Tiles Underforest and Desert Labyrinth Printed Book


I loved the idea of this game, but the actual gameplay just didn't click with me.


Super fun game. It presents a very enjoyable gaming experience. It isn't filled with crushing, mind numbing decisions, but has enough strategy to keep it interesting. I look forward to trying some of the ongoing formats.


Excellent Game, but there are some elements that keep it from being perfect. The race to get the tents can detract players from going after other things in the game. The game rarely rewards risks. I think an expansion could potentially really improve some of this game's shortcomings. Also, I think that I may trying a certain number of turns instead of 'racing,' just to see how it goes.


Near & Far is an improvement from its predecessor Above & Below (but that says little coming from me). The game provides players with more focus, but without pinning them into a strategy, which embraces the 'choose your adventure' aspect of the game. The game is a decent length, but players don't seem to accomplish a great deal. The relics, though powerful and worth several points, rarely get used and provide little utility, which is a shame because their effects are useful and interesting. I wish the early game could be accelerated, allowing players to explore more of the map an utilize their adventures and relics more frequently. Though I'm still not a fan of the storybook-style of games, N&F is one of the better ones.