Aftermath expansion will take place after the events on Nemesis. New crew will come onto the Nemesis ship with the knowledge, that SOMETHING already happened here. Something bad.

New crew

Most importantly, this expansion will introduce totally new crew of characters, that we have crafted together. They will be very different from original crew and you can expect a different feel in regards of playing them.

New setting

But it will also add a lot of interesting elements. We will have totally different setting - Intruders on board of Nemesis are already evolved and very strong. You will be also able to see different setting of the ship and probably some new rules regarding it. For example since this is after the events on Nemesis, most probably escape pods and the ship itself will not work, so you will need to make your objective, then safely get back on board the ship that you have came in the first place and escape.

New objectives

We read lot of you asking for additional objectives and we will add totally new 15 hidden objectives in Aftermath. They will be available to use in this expansion and will drastically increase re-playability of the whole game with the combination of totally new characters.

Old crew

One of the interesting mechanic we intend add is old crew. We will add old crew tokens into Intruder bag and you will be able to meet them during exploration. They might be even alive and possible to interact with in some way (but more often you will find a corpses).

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