Black Orchestra

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12/5/18 - First game, 5 player. Loved the theme of this. Very difficult game to win. Having one person, who has the plot, the right items & level of zeal to complete the mission & then roll dice to see if you succeed, means its very thematic but also luck based game. Pre-ordered 2 copies of the confidential expansion, one for Adam and one for me.


1-5 players (best 3) 90 minutes


This game got me excited as soon as I found out that in it you are plotting to kill Hitler. It is fully co-op, presents you with tough decisions, has streamlined play-through and links to real life events. The only drawback is that everything is decided by the dice you rolled and there is almost nothing you can do about it. Still, I can accept this dice chucking aspect of the game as it faithfully portrays that you don't have full control over any situation even if you have all the requisites needed.