Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia

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Kickstarter edition: Excellent production value


For all its beauty and theme, it's still just an unremarkable resource conversion game.


Played this one twice at 2 player. It’s a solid game I am excited to play it with more as I think it scales well. The more people playing the more your workers will be returned to you. November 2019 $30.77


A visually cluttered and incongruous board reveals surprisingly interactive gameplay in a humorously dystopian setting.


Kickstarter deluxe version


This is probably my favorite of Stonemaier Games. I originally had a retail first edition game. Played that a bunch. Then a few years later, I came across the (at the time of the campaign), the uber deluxe KS edition and I bought it and sold my old game. Even though I prefer The Manhattan Project, to many elements of that game can be construed as "mean" by players who only want to play "nice" games. So whenever I meet new gamers, I'll start with Euphoria to share. It's easy to teach, offers lots of variety and multiple paths to victory. Player interaction is mild and the way the game is designed, there's plenty of it.


Clever mechanics with different factions. Race to the best resources and best works.


Finally got to play this and it was a blast. Everyone at the table was contemplating buying a copy.


Tedious, boring, not evocative of the theme, and the least satisfying endings imaginable.


2-6, 60m


A mid-weight euro that you need to play multiple times to grasp its essence and be able to form a strategy for it. One of the few games that I would play with house rules: the ones that did not contribute to the building of the markets cannot put a star on it during the game and thus will have to suffer its penalty till the end.


This awesome little worker placement seems perfect for me and my SO. Love the theme, the worker placement "replacement" mechanic and the very Bioshock feel to the game.