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Indigo - named for the deep shade of blue obtained from the Indian indigo plant - is a board game of intricate pathways and twists with players competing to gather precious gems, including the blue sapphire. Game play involves laying pathways along the board on which players move gems to the exits on the board's edge. The exits can belong to them or be shared with another competitor. If the exits are shared, each player is rewarded with a gem. If it belongs to only one player, all the gems go to that player. Indigo is a quick-play game with simple instructions for two to four players, ages 8 and up.

A game of intricate pathways and unexpected twists.

Players build pathways and exit routes for the precious gems they are tyring to collect.
Easy-to-follow Game Sparks Interactive Play
Indigo features a hexagon shaped game board on which players develop gem routes to move precious stones along paths that they develop into their collection. Players can work together or separately to lay the route tiles that provide the paths they must travel on their way to exit the board with the most gems. Players can share routes and exits so that they can both benefit, but the game is won by the player who collects the most points from the gems successfully removed from the board. Players score three points for the sapphire gem, the most precious, two points for emerald gems and one for amber gems.

Players Can Build Alliances to Achieve their Own Success
While Indigo is a competitive game, players can work together to lay pathways in their quest to earn gems, learning about the benefit of cooperation and alliances. A strategy game that encourages players to think ahead and plan exit routes for the gems, players also learn about goal-setting, cause and effect and sharing. In some cases, shared routes mean both players earn gems rather than just one of them. Such a strategy could be the best method for winning the game.

Colorful Game Engages with Gems
Indigo is a hands-on game for a wide range of ages. The colorful game engages players to create a game board of treasure routes that change each time they play, since the pathways they construct will be different every game. The smooth glass gems and beautifully illustrated game board provide both tactile and visual appeal.

What's In The Box?
1 game board, 4 screens, 7 treasure tiles, 54 route tiles, 24 tokes, 24 glass gems in yellow, green and blue


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