The Quest for El Dorado

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Damn, Dr. Knizia, welcome back. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a Knizia title so much--Lost Cities the Board Game, probably. Super-accessible while still rewarding foresight and clever play. I have concerns about replayability, though. Time will tell.




Unlike the "pure" deck building of say, Star Realms, this is the game I would choose to teach someone about deck builders. The simple visual representation of a deck gone right makes this very approachable.


A fine product of the deck-builder family. Simpler than many, yet it makes for a very compelling race game. Great components, even if cards are of the small kind.


A race game deck builder! Excellent fun. INCLUDED The Quest for El Dorado: Heroes & Hexes The Quest for El Dorado: Promo Pack


Really fantastic race game with fairly simple rules and a fun deck-building element. Sleek package that allows for quick learning and fast gameplay.


My wife wasn't sure about this after losing twice to start. I found more maps in the files section and let her pick the layout, which she ended up winning twice. Only minor issue we have is table space. We don't have a big table to play on, so set up can be challenging.


Great little deck builder racing game. Easy enough to bring out with a group that enjoys more family type games. Want to play this some more.


Fairly quick and light. Would like to play it at 3 or 4 before really knowing how much I like it.


7.4 / 2-4p / 30-60m / 2017 / 2.08 (Deck Building Racing Game, JonGetsGames likes a lot)


I love it. A deckbuilding race game with modular maps and a player controlled dynamic market. And it's simple to teach! What's not to love? The best part of the game is learning to break your optimization habits from most deckbuilders. Myself and several friends each spent their first game so focused on improving their deck that another player beat them to the goal. Finding that balance is really fun. It's also gorgeous, with bright vibrant colors and evocative card art. This might be my favorite light game, if i'm allowed to call it a light game


2-4 players 30-60 minutes


Short, quick deckbuilder. I like the race component of it (similar to Clank) but with a substantially lower barrier of entry to get non-gamers to play.


El Dorado is a deck-building game on its face, but its modular board, and race element help distinguish it from the multitude of Dominion-esque titles. Stranger still is El Dorado's lack of card variety. Every card is used in every game, which is incredibly rare in the deck-building genre. The game could certainly use at least some card variability, but the various board setups and interesting market population mechanic create enough diversity to warrant several plays. All told, El Dorado is game worthy of its SdJ nod.


(11/17) 6. I love me a Knizia and was excited to play this one, and it didn't disappoint, though maybe I went in with too high a set of expectations because while I certainly enjoyed myself, I wasn't especially itching to play it again immediately, though now that I try to recall it I find myself wanting to give it another go, so we'll see!