Gnomes at Midnight


Gnomes at Midnight is a 2-player, light strategy, kind-hearted tabletop board game. Your gnomes come alive at midnight but have to stay hidden out of the shifting moonlight.

3 ways to win: Capture the three toadstools, Bump 3 rival gnomes off the board, or Complete the dance design anywhere on the board.

Gnomes can move 1 space in any direction, but they may never move on or off of a moonlit square, as shown on your current moonlight card. If a gnome moves onto a rival gnome, the rival is bumped off the board.

On your turn you may move, or add a gnome back onto a start garden square. Then reveal your next moonlight card. A player only has to complete 1 of the 3 goals to win.

“Be sneaky or bold, but only one group of gnomes will win the lawn for the night.”

—description from the publisher


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