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Box has scuffing. 1 threat token missing, 1 strong trogoldyte token missing, 1 of the figures is missing an arm.Weight: 2.49 / 5


by paka

That's excellent two-player dungeon-crawl. Game drips with theme and tension. Scenarios play quick and so the unlucky dice-streaks don't get you down. Everything can turn upside down in a heartbeat. Most scenarios end with mad dash for the objective for heroes and desperate struggle to stop them for demons. Very tense and excellent game.


Ugly miniatures. Fiddly rules. Confusing keywords. Huge tiles that don't fit on the table as you reveal more and more of them. I don't get the praise that this game gets.


Fantasy Space Hulk! I like the die mechanics, which are novel and don't tend to feel like you get overly hosed by bad rolls. The components are amazing, the rules clean, and the game lots of fun. Another winner from Croc; makes me want to try Hell Dorado.


This game bleeds theme. It's fun and there's definitely some strategy to it, but its really about the experience. I don't actually like dungeon crawls that much, but this one is a nice experience.


An interesting "dungeon-crawl/Ameritrash/dicefest/special abilities" game. Having played several times now, I recall the very first game where the humans (me) got their BUTTS KICKED in SPADES. At first, it was an easy go of it... the trogs were dying very easily. Then they managed to fight back. Misery ensued. All of the other games have been nail-biters or close to being so. Certainly some excitement. It's certainly not a bad game... It's certainly better than Drakon -- a game this title reminds me of a great deal. It will get back to the table, as it's an attractive game (heavy cardstock) and has an innovative combat/health mechanic that I think will see more action around here. This title has superb production value for the price, is basically Space Hulk combined with a little Descent, but with a lot less setup time, a lot more to do, and great replay-ability. Each game is markedly different and exciting. Asmodee has really hit a home-run with this one.


Thanks, Secret Santa 2010!


A great, quick, 2-player, dungeon crawler game. Super easy to learn and play. It gets right to the meat and fun of playing a dungeon crawler without all the unnecessary and often times tedious rules that are usually associated with this genre. It has a large footprint though, both in box size and actual game area size.


2 players 45 minutes


Space Hulk Light. Tons of fun. Cool theme. Absolutely top notch components. The damage system is really cool. The scenarios didn't feel distinct enough for me to keep this around. Whoever rolls better pretty much wins.


Very good game, that can be a little simple, you dont use all the game it feels, like the cards. But you can easly modd it and for us it is really great, the game is really good looking and you can even improve the look of the minis if you paint them.


Two player dungeon crawl done right.