Lords of Waterdeep

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by hana

Borrowed from Blizzard library. Fun but too light. Not much strategy. Things I like: going on quests. Runebound 3E scratches the itch more for an adventure game.


2-5 Players 60-120 Minutes


se sacan objetivos y con recogen cubos para lograrlos


One of my favorite light worker placement game.


7.8 / 2-5p Best 3-4 / 60-120m / 2.51


Fun, but I enjoy a bit more weight in a worker placement that takes as long as this one does. I probably wouldn't turn down a game if that's what everyone wants, but I'll always try to talk people into something with a more meat on the bones.


Meh. Unremarkable worker placement. The Lords are homogenous and boring. The quest system is overly random and uninteresting. The buildings you can purchase to add more placement slots are the most interesting part of the game. Otherwise it's just bland and dull.


A simple game to explain and very nice to play. The interaction is present in a well-balanced, is good for both beginners and for gamers. It works very well in two rare home for this kind of games.


FULLY SLEEVED 121 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


Addendum: It's just. Too. Long. I don't mind the simplicity of the worker placement. I don't mind that the expansions essentially put half the game in your cards. I mind that it takes 2 - 2.5 hours to play a card-centric worker placement game.


7.5 rating after initial play. Really enjoyed the theme to this. One factor against it was the factions didn't really make much sense as they seemed to have little impact on player options.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/lords-of-waterdeep/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/lords-waterdeep-accessibility-teardown/


A truly wonderful game. The game plays very smoothly and everything seems to get used and work well together. Clearly the product of a lot of care and attention. The rules are simple, and the game is very easy to jump in to with only a quick read of the rules. The components are excellent, too, and I think of no game with better storage. The D&D setting really does add to it, as it gives everything an immersive (and, to many, familiar) flavour.


2-5 player* (best 3-4) 2-6 with expansion 60-120 minutes


We really enjoy the game—the theme is fun, it’s engaging and not too complicated. The production quality and graphic design is great—it gives me a little feeling of dungeon questing without having to play a dungeon crawler.


We really enjoy the game—the theme is fun, it’s engaging and not too complicated. The production quality and graphic design is great—it gives me a little feeling of dungeon questing without having to play a dungeon crawler.


2-5, 60m


Nice game, full of mechanics from games I love (like Caylus, Peurto Rico, Lancaster), but I felt that the intrigue cards are not that well balanced.


Good light intro worker placement game.


A fun, if simple, worker placement game, with a pasted-on theme of intrigue in D&D's most famous city. Easy to teach, and I've never played with anyone who dislikes it. You compete to place your Agents around the city, constructing buildings (and the buildings create a rather interesting subsystem of the game), playing cards, gathering adventurers and gold, and completing quests. The action cards are the only part of this game I especially dislike, but I can't rate it higher because while I enjoy it, I'd always choose Agricola or Stone Age if I was to play a worker placement game, and LoW doesn't really do anything new. Comes with dozens of uniquely illustrated cards, wooden agent meeples for each player, and a big pile of wooden cube and cardboard chip resources. The general aesthetic is consistent, but for a reason I can't quite put my finger on I don't much care for it, though I was never a Forgotten Realms player so maybe there's something I'm missing. Special note must be made here of the box, for several reasons. The box insert is fantastic, with room for each type of piece, rather than the sort I've started to see with other publishers which consists of a single large cardboard compartment. As usual for these types of inserts, (and perhaps one of the reasons for the single-compartment inserts) no consideration is made for card sleevers, so a portion of the insert goes unused while the cards slide around under the insert. Such is the life of the obsessive sleever. The box lid, unlike most other box lids in games today, doesn't extend the whole height of the box. I'm sure there must be some reason for this beyond just a unique look, but I can't think of what, and it means it tears more easily along the corners and will never stay on if the game is stored sideways.


Really?! Not even remotely like RPG... ! Which is why I kind of like it. Dry.


A great simple worker placement game. Easy to teach others and really fun to play.


Waterdeep has just about everything a gamer should expect, without anything additional to set it apart. Erecting new buildings, and subsequently owning them, is the most interesting aspect of the game, but the game still boils down to collecting cubes and completing quests, which makes the narrative incredibly linear. Had I played it earlier in my gaming career maybe my opinions would differ, but it terms of modern board games it is decidedly average.




A good worker placement game with a D&D theme, but nothing special to really set it apart from other games like it.


Reddit Secret Santa gift! (10/16) 7. (10/17) Drop to 5. With so many worker placements this has dropped off a bit, but I need to play it again with the Skullport expansion which I haven't tried yet.


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