Timeline: Diversity

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This is such a simple game, I can't believe no one's thought of it yet. In fact, it's so simple, it almost borders on not being a game IMO. It's literally just a deck full of cards with the dates on one side, and you're supposed to create a "timeline" of the dates. Pretty simple. Takes about 10 (ok, maybe 20) seconds to teach. Great for literally anyone to play. The reason this doesn't get a higher rating is the fact that some of these dates are wrong. In a game that's literally a deck of cards with dates on them, getting the dates right seems to be about the only job you had in creating the game. This game gets much better the more expansions you add in too.


Not a very compelling game by itself, you play a card and hope you guessed the right time period between other cards. What it is though is a great addition to Timeline Challenge as without that game I wouldn't still own this.