Pyramid Arcade

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A fantastic anthology and great devkit as well. Not every game in it is created equal, but how could they be? Some of the best value for money in board gaming.


1-10 players - 22+ different games in the box 5-180 minutes depending on the game


(12/16) 6. Kickstarter Edition Really up and down experiences. The first night we played the three player recommended games IceDice (Rating: 5), TwinWin (6) and Volcano (7), but followed that up on the second night with the four player recommended Launchpad 23 (3) and Pharoah (3). Still, the flexibility and beauty of the design means I'll always keep this in my collection, though I hope some of the unplayed games wash the taste of the last two from my mouth. (9/17) 6. Still haven't come back to this yet, but the game is so flexible and adjustable and beautiful. Will definitely dive back in before too long.