Automobile board game
Automobile board game


Automobile carries you back to the birth of America’s car industry, when inventors, craftsmen, and entrepreneurs created a wild array of marvels and misfortunes. You step into this rough, romantic trade hoping to create a fortune by building and selling cars. Tapping the talents of men like Ford, Sloan, Kettering, Howard, Durant, and Chrysler, you balance quality versus quantity, mass production versus premium branding, and innovation versus distribution and aggressive sales. Lose your balance and you go bust. Strike the best balance, shift the right gears to best your rivals, and you’ll be rich. You might even win. So, pull up your sleeves and start making cars. Rich and brilliantly balanced, Automobile offers 3-5 players aged 13 and older ≈2 hours of great flavor and fun. “Any color you like… as long as it’s black.” Automobile contains: A full-color game board, 140 automobile tiles, 40 salesman tiles, 48 factory tiles, 16 demand tiles, 6 character tiles, 40 wood innovation cubes, 50 wood loss cubes, 9 wood special markers, 10 wood player tokens, Colorful paper money, Simple, full color rules.

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  • Probably the cleanest ruleset of the heavier Martin Wallace games. I like how this game gives players the opportunity to decide things that an auto executive might decide, such as what kind of cars to produce, how many, when to close factories, and how to use distributors. Some people might not like the unknown information of demand, but I like that players must take on some risk of loss in order to maximize sales. Can get fiddly with all the cars and factories on the board, and mathy when trying to figure out potential demand and how many cars one should produce. Really good for a business simulation game with a lot of player interaction.
  • SOLD 3.17.17 (ConnCon)
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    Still after 5 plays I find it hard to comment it. Its good, its very good. Rules are actualy easier than it seems, its the gameplay and mechanics what makes this game tick. Teached this game to quite several new players (and I mean new-new, not just new to this game) and they got off to play and having great time very quickly.
  • This game has some legs, that's for sure! There is a lot to think about, and trade-offs all over the place. While not as economically brutal as Age of Steam, it's certainly not an easy game economically. I suppose it wouldn't be a Wallace game without any of that. In short, this is simply brilliant.

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