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I did not believe that I would even remotely enjoy this title. Surprise! What a FANTASTIC train game! While I'm well-aware that this is nothing like an 18xx game, it has certainly provided me with some impetus to give one a shot. With 1830 to be released in the near future, this is certainly a possibility. I have two quibbles about this title: First, the components are weak. It wouldn't have cost much more to do a nice job with this. Second, all of the dice rolling tends to drag things out... but in an interesting way. Still, in spite of this, the game is a wonderful and frustrating experience (in a good way!) that is incredibly immersive.


Haven't played it to completion yet. Maybe there is a good game in there but I can't seem to find it.


I like train games and this one is fun. I like the way the dice are used to exhaust mines. Fun but the map is too cluttered for the cubes and sometimes it is hard to distinguish places. Would definitely play again.