Kerflip! board game
WELCOME TO KERFLIP! Whether youʼre a devout word nerd or just itching for the perfect addition to family game night, youʼve landed in the right place! Fast Anagram Fun! KERFLIP is an exciting, shoot-from-the-hip style word game that rewards you for making words faster than your opponents can. A unique flip-scoring system allows tiles to have variable point values. The first time a tile is used, it's worth full value to the player that uses it. After it's been used, it's flipped and is worth only half the value to the remaining players. Ingenious tile collection design! At the end of each round, sweep used letters into the tile chute. Then, at the end of the game, pick up and gently shake the game box to funnel the tiles into a collection cup under the board. Even cleanup is a blast! (No, seriously, it is!) Great for family game night! KERFLIP is the first word game (which we know of) that allows kids to play competitively with their parents... without handicapping the parents. How is this possible? Typically, kids jump right out and call the first word they see. This puts pressure on Mom and Pop to call longer words before time runs out, just to keep up with the Juniors! Yet perfect for zealots! Even the most ardent wordsmiths will find KERFLIP challenging and fun, and the ideal platform to show off their superior anagramming skills... assuming they don't crack under pressure! Simple yet innovative! Easy to learn and completely original, you might wonder how it's possible to pack so much fliptastic goodness into one small box! While we can't reveal our secret magic formula, our goal at Creative Foundry is to make games that are addictively fun. When we find ourselves wanting to play again and again, we know we've got a winner.

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