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I actually very much enjoyed this, it's light and fluffy and would make an excellent gateway with a light pick up and deliver mechanic if you are in the market for that sort of thing. A couple of take that kind of rules makes the game interesting enough for me to keep around for the gateway potential, but probably not enough to bring out for regular game nights.


by paka

Easy game at first. Pick berries from the rondel and deliver those. After few games some strategies emerging and there's certainly quite an screwage factor in there.


This wasn't my cup of tea theme-wise, but I did like the game and the game play. Watch out for anyone AP prone, as examining the board and the windmill make them susceptible to some delay, but it's certainly not that bad. The art is nice and pleasant -- I'd call it serene. I tend towards being a player who becomes immersed in theme very easily (much to my liking), so I found this rather relaxing to be honest. I almost felt the wind in the hair that I used to have many years ago. :) Update: This is possibly one of my favorite two player games. I'm working on getting a solo variant for this together at some point soon. It's really a great way to spend time in a relaxing setting. That part certainly hasn't changed. Update: Solo variant done.


nice .....


Quick and simple. This is probably the purest form of a rondel mechanic that I have ever seen implemented.