Welcome to the apocalypse. Are you ready to fight the darkness?

Enter the house of Doctor Mortimer and fight an intense battle of survival against the horrors inside. Hordes of the undead, raging fires, rabid creatures, a vicious security system... all standing between you and the antidote that will save humanity. You'll need to band tightly as a team and work together every step of the way just to stay alive, let alone win the race against the clock to successfully breach the Doctor's lab.

Are you brave enough to face the darkness?

5 Survivor Boards
1 Security Board
21 Code Tokens
32 Zombie Miniatures
27 Room Tiles
5 Survivor Miniatures
4 Survivor Dice
6 Creature Dice
1 Terror Die
1 D6
1 D4
3 Creature Boards
2 Nemesis Boards
5 Entrap Tokens
20 Skill Tokens
23 Spawn Tokens
2 Nemesis Miniatures
41 Code Chips
40 Ammo Cubes
35 Marker Cubes (7 in each of the 5 colors)
50 Cubes (Gray)
3 Creature Miniatures
8 Camera Tokens
1 Multitracker Board
48 Equipment Cards
7 Starting Equipment Cards
11 Virus Tokens
1 Antidote Token
1 Fire Token
20 Burn Markers

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Dark Darker Darkest

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