Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends Game

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This game has potential and it is quite original in concept. But it would require several more plays to truly plumb its possibilities, and I simply didn't enjoy it enough the first time to request another session. I wanted to like it a lot more. However, should Chad really want to give it another whirl, I would acquiesce because: Vlaada.


This is an awesome game that makes my brain hurt! I love planning out complicated moves to accomplish the scoring goals. It is especially satisfying when you manage to pull off a series of summonings after a couple moves of setup. One of my favorite deep brain burners! Expansions Owned: Everfrost, Nethervoid, Etherweave.


Oh, man, this is the game designed for Not Mark. Puzzle-type interactions to satisfy puzzle victory requirements? No thanks. Could be well-designed and fun, but definitely I am most definitively not the target market in terms of preferences.


I love this game but my wife does not... very smart abstract game with two variants for gameplay: High Form (racing to complete common objective cards) and Death Match (exactly what it sounds like lol).


September 2019 $13 BGF


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/tash-kalar-2013/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/tash-kalar-2013-accessibility-teardown/



Abstract strategy game that relies on pattern matching unit placement positions to invoke special abilities and upgrade unit strength. Interesting but multiplayer is chaos because you have little chance of planning ahead. Could be interesting 2 player or 2 teams. Could play it again but in no rush to own.