Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends Game board game
Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends is reserved for masters of magic. Two to four Summoners will face each other in the Tash-Kalar arena. Players may fight in teams or individually in order to prove their skill and strategy in a short but intense battle. By clever deployment of their minions, players create magic patterns for summoning powerful beings. These strange beings are then sent to destroy their opponent's forces. Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends offers two game modes. In the standard mode you score points for fulfilling various quests set by the Arena Masters: controlling certain areas of the arena, destroying a number of enemy pieces in a single turn, performing a specific combination of actions, etc. In melee mode, your only goal is to entertain the crowd by destroying your opponents and making them beg for mercy.

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  • This game has potential and it is quite original in concept. But it would require several more plays to truly plumb its possibilities, and I simply didn't enjoy it enough the first time to request another session. I wanted to like it a lot more. However, should Chad really want to give it another whirl, I would acquiesce because: Vlaada.
  • This is an awesome game that makes my brain hurt! I love planning out complicated moves to accomplish the scoring goals. It is especially satisfying when you manage to pull off a series of summonings after a couple moves of setup. One of my favorite deep brain burners! Expansions Owned: Everfrost, Nethervoid, Etherweave.
  • Oh, man, this is the game designed for Not Mark. Puzzle-type interactions to satisfy puzzle victory requirements? No thanks. Could be well-designed and fun, but definitely I am most definitively not the target market in terms of preferences.
  • I love this game but my wife does not... very smart abstract game with two variants for gameplay: High Form (racing to complete common objective cards) and Death Match (exactly what it sounds like lol).
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