Mottainai Mini

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Each play unlocks a bit more of the simplicity. The curve to get playing is really high, but once we remember the rules it is quick and fun.


A wonderfully deep, if non-intuitive game. The learning curve is steep but absolutely worth the effort. Every card being unique gives the game a tremendous amount of replayability. It may be a largely tactical game, but you have such a wide breadth of options at any given moment that you'll never feel railroaded. Better the more you play it with the same people, and best with two which makes it a bit niche, but it's one of the best two player card games I've ever played.


All cards sleeved.


Out of an hour long first game, I spent 20 minutes trying to get my head around what the rules are and how you play it (unsuccessfully, mind you), 15 minutes looking back and forth between the card and player aid trying to understand what the cards actually did, and about 10 minutes playing. It feel like the complexity of a middle weight game with the depth of beer and pretzels.


Hey! A streamlined Glory to Rome that's still available to buy for under $20. How about that? The intricate design of gameplay using just 54 cards is incredible. Covering and backorders add rich strategic and tactical choices to a very tight game. While Glory to Rome can really drag and outstay its welcome, Mottainai plays in 15-20 minutes, and yet feels rich and dense. The biggest knock is that it's only a 2-3p game, which doesn't bother me since the short playtime makes it an excellent filler. This game has chiseled away all the fat from GtR and it's just a better game all around.


Very interested in playing this more and trying to master the deck. Although there is a strong random factor, and the card abilities are subtle, this feels like a game that could grow on me. I just need more exposure.


Great little card game that's hard to teach, but easy to play. Definitely rewards multiple plays and will probably take you a couple to even get the game down! Beautiful successor to Glory to Rome and it's one that I take with me everywhere. Kickstarter I've got two copies of this and am more than happy to trade one away so someone else can enjoy the magic that is Mottainai!