T.I.M.E. Stories

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Plus: - The Marcy Case (Own) Want: - A prophecy of dragons (Want) - Under the mask (Want) - Expedition-Endurance (Want) - Lumen Fidei (Want) - Estrella Drive (Want) - Brotherhood of the coast (Want) - Santo Tomas de aquino (Want) - The hadal project (Want)


Maybe if you really got into the story... The repetitive nature felt burdensome and not fun for us. We got to that ground hog day felling of repeating the same things over and over to get to the part we needed to.


In terms of its physical construction--the way it uses components to do things heretofore unseen in board games--it is a stellar achievement, worth experiencing especially if you are a somewhat jaded boardgamer. In terms of theme and story, it is a rather significant missed opportunity in that is a rather hackneyed take on an overused theme. It also has puzzles. I hate puzzles.


Feels at times like more of a group activity than a game. It is however a truly excellent group activity.


7700HUF (Used)


This is a hard game to rate. There is zero replay value after solving the main puzzle and it didnt leave me really wanting, or feeling the need, to play further stories...maybe because we play all the runs in a row without breaks. It was a really fun and exciting experience at the time.


needs an investment in time (hehe), and only certain type of gamers (in my circle), very little replay value but still loved by the friends who have played it


As a system, I thought it'd be fine. But the scenarios work best with houserules emphasizing exploration, not dice rolling. The first scenario's meta-game solution didn't jive with me.


We were hoping for more puzzles to solve. Hoping that solving a riddle or finding a clue would lead us to the 'right' location. Instead, the game is about exploring and finding the 'optimal' run for future attempts. INCLUDED: T.I.M.E Stories: The Marcy Case T.I.M.E Stories: A Prophecy of Dragons T.I.M.E Stories: Under the Mask T.I.M.E Stories: Expedition: Endurance


Alex owns.


Neat story telling game.


Have only played the base game. Look forward to getting more cases and playing them.


Biggest disappointment in a long time. Didn't live up to hype. The box and components are beautiful and the idea of time traveling mystery solving is fantastic, HOWEVER... It feels random, anytime dice are involved they simply waste a variable amount of your precious time, and the designers idea of providing content is to force the players to start over and retrace their steps multiple times. Flawed. Pass.


An old school adventure game brought to table top. Unfortunately, many of the worst aspects are faithfully reproduced. Many puzzles are head scratching leaps of faith and the 'hints' are as often confusing as they are helpful. Also, the game loves to punish exploration and backtracking even if those are core mechanisms. Fuck the scoring system.


2-4, 60-90m


W/ Exp: The Marcy Case, A Prophecy of Dragons, Under The Mask, Lumen Fidei, and Estrella Drive W/ Promo: Beacon Promo Three storylines down (Asylum, The Marcy Case and Prophecy of Dragons) and it's quickly become one of our favorites. It's almost like an escape room in a box, and it's interesting to see what they can do with just a deck of cards. We're all in!


Played Asylum and Marcy case. Really this scenario comes down to chucking dice, but it kind of made sense with the theme. Overall I really enjoy the world this scenario ended up creating.


This game was a fantastic one-off to play through! I do see why they say the replayability was low, but I had a BLAST playing this. Innovative puzzle mechanics and some built in time wasting tasks really made this one fun to go through.


(12/16) 10. Haven't even finished the first story, but LOVING it. (10/17) Drop to 9. Haven't played this in too long. Still, love the experience. My #13 game of all time.