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TRADED AWAY Nice filler. Plays quickly and everyone is always involved. Requires some tough decisions.


GAMEPLAY Players run a medieval monastery trying to be the most masterly monk of the whole monk mundus. The game is played over two phases: the Gift Phase and Auction Phase. In the Gift Phase, a player draws cards equal to the number of players plus one. But, cards are drawn one at a time, and a player must decide if they keep that card, put that card in the auction pile, or put the card in the pool for their opponents to take. Opponents take cards in turn order from the pool, and then play continues to the next player. Once all the cards have been drawn, the game enters the Auction Phase where players flip over cards one by one and auction them. Item cards related to pigments, monks, forbidden tomes, holy books, and manuscripts are won by bidding the most gold cards as church cards. Gold cards are won by bidding the most cards. Church cards, whether in the Gift Phase or Aucton Phase, allow players to change the die value for how much pigments, monks, forbidden tomes, holy books, and manuscripts are worth. At the end of the game, the player with the highest amount in each of these categories gets the die value in VP of that category. THOUGHTS Biblios is a testament to the kind of lovely game that can be made with just a few cards and some dice. This is not a game that will blow you away, but it is a perfect fit for an enjoyable filler game or lunch-break game. It’s also great to see a small-box card game that doesn’t have a massive table footprint like so many other card games these days. Each phase has its own sort of enjoyably challenging tension: the Gift Phase is all about pushing your luck to find the perfect card, while the fate of the game come down to one dizzyingly priced card in the Auction Phase. The player count works at all numbers but, if I had to choose, three is probably my favorite. *As an aside, I can’t say anything about the components or art as I made a PnP version that’s themed around stamp collecting. PROS -Thinky filler game that works at all player counts. -Both phases offer a different but equally enjoyable tension. -Church card manipulation system is both smooth and allows players who are behind in cash to still make a difference in the scores. NEUTRALS -Biblios does not need a theme and it certainly doesn’t matter that it’s about a medieval monastery.


Best: 3 Time: 30 Min Weight: 1.68


Love the theme, even if it only gets a couple of plays it will have been worth the price I paid for my copy.


FULLY SLEEVED 89 x KMC Perfect Size (100/pack) - (64 x 89mm)


Strong small group filler. The card allocation is tense and the auction works at all player counts. Requires one playthrough for new players to grok, but it's short so that's fine. Edit: I found the rough first game with this made me just want to play High Society or No Thanks (and its offshoots) depending on the group. Plus I get more out of replaying the other games.


Glad i've had the opportunity to play it.



This is a great little fast game. It changes greatly from 2-4 players. I prefer 3-4 but 2 is very interesting as well. The theme does not shine through, but the art is beautiful and it helps make the game enjoyable. Game play is based around set collecting, but it is the placement and auction portions that really make the game shine. Choices are important, and determining what the really important cards to your hand to attain victory is a very sublime aspect. Lots of game for little money. Love it.


3-4 player game (best 3) 30-50 minutes


Cool idea, pretty quick and fun to play.


Decent Game, Played it twice with the wife (2 player). Nice dice. Cards are a bit thin. Have better drafting games that I enjoy more. Traded it away in a trade for Space Alert + Expansion.


This one has been steadily rising for me, in terms of being a great, light, filler. It is certainly best with 4 players.


Quick and fun, but not as delightful as others have lead me to believe. Plays well at all player counts, which is a surprise for an auction game. Trade Condition Notes: Excellent condition


Yeah, it's all right. It's a card game. Looks like I like card games but there are better and more strategic card games around.


[Pending to sleeve]


Great filler. The Gift phase is a bit slow, and lacks social interaction, but the hints of push your luck and card drafting keep it interesting and engaging, even for the inactive players. The Auction phase is utterly brilliant and provides most of the game's intrigue. The game plays very quietly though, and I wish it was a bit more engaging, but the simple rules make it very accessible. I have yet to introduce the game, without players wanting a second try, and given its short playtime, its easy to oblige.


(2/16) 10. Love this game. Super tight and the meta game that grows with friends over repeated plays is half the fun. One of my favorites. (9/17) 10. Yup, my favorite. My #1 game of all time.


7 after first play of a 2-player game.