Eldritch Horror

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The second "Modern Board Game" i ever played . It is Fun and heartbreaking, i think ive only ever had the pleasure of defeating one of the old ones ONCE out of the ten times ive played it . Its like you and your friends are trying to plug holes in a leaking dam long enough for someone to come a pour new concrete to seal it up , except you keep falling down and breaking your arms and legs .


The theme just doesn't do anything for me, but this is certainly an improvement over it's predecessor, Arkham Horror.


I can't get myself to like games where the whole game depends on my one dice roll.


I've played it 4-5 times now. Enjoy it a lot. I've won about 50% of the time. Always seem to win or lose on the last possible round, so it is climatic and I like that aspect.


Love the co-op aspects and how thematic the game is. It's a long one, so it doesn't get on the table very often. Prefer with 2 players for balance reasons and mainly to keep it around 2 hours long.


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I like this game, but I really hate how it's FULL of flavor until you lose, then the game is just over with ZERO flavor.


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The adventure/horror game to get with some wonderful storytelling mechanics to it. I recommend this over Arkham Horror as it increases the scale of things happening across the globe & streamlines a lot of the Arkham Horror rules (on things like money for example) while keeping the importance on the story with the approaching doom.


Only played solo. Would like to play with more to get a real feel Now that I have a determined second gamer I think this might be a good longer thematic game. I have almost re-bought it a few times.



Great theme, but the length of the game is just too much for it to be played frequently.


I love the theme and the adventure.But it's too long and heavy for my family. Solo was good but not great for the time invesment. A bunch of components and rules, like the train/boat tickets, mythos phase and many kind of encounters bring theme to the table but also more randomness. Mythos phase its like a set up for every round. At the end feels like a giant puzzle more than an adventure to fight the ancient ones. Would pray to Cthulhu for see this system in a cleaner and quicker fashion.


Compared to its progenitor, seems like a huge improvement thematically and in terms of gameplay as far as I'm concerned. It's also faster and less fiddly than Arkham Horror, which is not terribly difficult. [EDIT} For crying out loud, FFG, it's not that complicated--"skip a turn" (aka Delayed) elements have no place in a modern game. Why did you stuff in so many?




Expansions: - Forsaken Lore Setup time is long on this one, but the game itself is very fun. Lots of replayability. You'll probably be re-reading the rules a lot during your first play.


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Based on one play, I really enjoyed this. Must revisit soon!


Finally got some plays out of this. Love it. Our first win in five plays happened once we used 4 investigators. Makes it a bit longer than I would like.


Streamlined Arkham Horror? I must admit my first play of this went far longer than I would have thought possible... but am willing to give this +many+ more chances. I expect my rating of this to rise over time. [b]UPDATE:[/b] This is still a long game. While it's not as lengthy as Arkham Horror is, it's deceptively long... which isn't necessarily a bad thing. What's far more important is that it's an enjoyable experience -- even if damned frustrating at times. Have had heads handed to us every single time it hits the table -- and it doesn't matter. It's still fun!


Co-op so I was never going to rate it well, also takes quite a long time so that drops the rating as well. Not bad for what it's designed to do, but I just don't want to play.


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Nope, I don't get why this is so much more popular than Arkham Horror. It just feels far more fiddly and random, and yet those are the things people say its improved on Arkham. First game I ever traded away


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Alex owns. Some of the best boardgaming moments of my adult life. A game that does everything in its power to destroy you and you get to smash your face into it with friends over and over until you -- just barely -- crawl bloodied and beaten into victory. Overall, the experience this game provides makes it a classic.


Very thematic, and more streamlined than Arkham. Still takes a long time and feels like it is going nowhere in the middle of the game sometimes.


With age this will get better. Much better than Arkham Horror!


Arkham Horror Light, best with upto 4 players. This player restriction is in part due to the rumour cards which increase in difficulty based upon the number of players and is one of the weaker aspects of the game. Having got a few plays under my belt, I can say that I prefer this to Arkham Horror (AH). My reasoning is that each investigator is potentially equally effective. What I mean by this is that in AH, players typically become type cast, e.g. magic casters attack magic monsters and melee characters attack melee monsters, in order to use the teams resources efficiently. Within Eldritch, your character starts with stats which mean they are less likely to succeed various skill checks but through items and skill enhancements this evens itself out more. Therefore each person's character is of equal value to the success of the mission and, teaming up is possible and at times a requirement. The turns are also streamlined , although I fear that further expansions from FF may change that. The choosen one who must be defeated also feels unique each time and their effects on the players and the world add flavour to each game. Finally, the coolest thing is the reckoning. Players are no longer restricted by money by way of improving their character's belongings. They can choose to take a debt card for example. Life goes on for said player, until the reckoning. At this point, all cards in play with the reckoning icon are resolved. You thought making a deal with those unsavoury characters in order to get that shot gun was a good move. Well, its pay-back time. If this could be expanded somehow to include skill upgrades, this would make a future expansion even more fun. In Cthulhu style, where every ability comes with a cost, the path you choose is defined by your actions. This can lead to some damned if you do and damned later if you don't choices. Making each reckoning unique is pure genius. Dark Pact cards being some of the toughest to endure. For example, with the option of being effectively devoured or given a dark pact card, our hero takes the dark pact. Only two turns later failing the reckoning roll and having to choose another player to be devoured.


Pretty good tactical co-op, though I don't like the characters being specialized and checks being totally random. I never felt like a check is trivial, but I did occasionally feel like a check was impossible (and I never knew what sort of a check an action would entail). I did occasionally feel I did not really have much of a purpose to the group and was just doing monster/gate cleanup.


It's a much better version of Arkham horror. Still a little messy, but nothing like the disaster that is AH. The expansions are actually good.


Still enjoying this game, although I wish I had remembered to log in all of my plays. We are at around 9-10 at this point. This is definitely a highly recommended game for me, especially at that 4 player sweet spot.


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I love the adventure aspect of the game. It is a little goofy at times but if you know that going in this adds to the fun. The only drawback is if you start this too late players will start to lose motivation/interest. This game has a lot of upkeep between turns and it is easy to miss a step.


+ Great variety in Great Old Ones, events and growing characters, although it does need expansions to prevent running into the same cards too often. + Very thematic, I love the stories that unfold, the way you can upgrade and equip your characters. - Long set up time - Brutal, can feel hopeless and undefeatable. Update: after repeated plays, we've also had some where we got through just fine. Don't be afraid to adjust difficulty using the hard and easy cards to adjust to your taste.


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Way too long for the luckfest that this game is. I don't want to invest 3-4 hours in a game that just ends up being decided by one or two dice rolls in the end.