Eldritch Horror

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It's a muc...

by elltrain

It's a much better version of Arkham horror. Still a little messy, but nothing like the disaster that is AH. The expansions are actually good.


Still enjo...

by hengst2404

Still enjoying this game, although I wish I had remembered to log in all of my plays. We are at around 9-10 at this point. This is definitely a highly recommended game for me, especially at that 4 player sweet spot.


Gift from ...

by lego pirate

Gift from 2016 BGG Secret Santa


I love the...

by jasondeutsch

I love the adventure aspect of the game. It is a little goofy at times but if you know that going in this adds to the fun. The only drawback is if you start this too late players will start to lose motivation/interest. This game has a lot of upkeep between turns and it is easy to miss a step.


+ Great va...

by Baltasilian

+ Great variety in Great Old Ones, events and growing characters, although it does need expansions to prevent running into the same cards too often. + Very thematic, I love the stories that unfold, the way you can upgrade and equip your characters. - Long set up time - Brutal, can feel hopeless and undefeatable. Update: after repeated plays, we've also had some where we got through just fine. Don't be afraid to adjust difficulty using the hard and easy cards to adjust to your taste.


Secret San...

by mborda

Secret Santa BGG 2014


Way too lo...

by Psylocke

Way too long for the luckfest that this game is. I don't want to invest 3-4 hours in a game that just ends up being decided by one or two dice rolls in the end.