Mansions of Madness: 2nd Edition

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1-5 players (best 3-4) 120-180 minutes


The app integration is really neat and works great. Definite Betrayal killer.


by 3MBG

Too cumbersome to set up to be a real classic in my mind, but solid fun when we do actually get it together and play.


Fantastic game. Easy to learn and takes only about 5 minutes to teach. Surprised at how well the app integrates into the experience. I am now excited to try other games from FFG that have an app available. Update: the game always goes much longer than the suggested time. If you have too many players it can drag on and people can lose interest. As people lose interest turns take longer causing even more people to loose interest. While it is quick to learn, make sure you can play with people that can stay focused or play at lower player counts.


A fun experience that feels casual enough to enjoy with almost any group -- but lacks the complexity and depth that you'd sometimes hope it'd have, especially if playing with a group that can handle it. Overall the gameplay flows very well with the app, which surprised me.


Does everything I think Betrayal tries to do, but makes it feel like a game is happening. Far more immersive and fun.


First play was great fun. What an experience. Perhaps found a game that has quick setup and can be enjoyed by Lauraine and me. Happy days. Replayability could become an issue, but this sounds like a complaint similar to the first game, but without the scenario setup and dungeon master requirements. Still, a jolly good romp when played, with each scenario quite different. The final or lengthiest scenario being one of the more story driven too. Update 1/9/2018 - just played scenario 16 Altered Fates. Its been a while since we had played this and it was nice to get it out again. Bloody hell some of the puzzles are getting harder to do or am i just getting older. Well without any spoilers, it could have well been the latter. Gloria Goldberg & Jenny Barnes managed to just about hold their own. painting notes korne red base colour on outer robes pink horror on hood kindleflame dry brush robes 1 parts nulin / 2 part casandora yellow all over clothes robe fire dragon bright on hood


by Wis

Balance issues


It has the promise of a great game, but is riddled with problems - such as nonsensical rules and pants-on-head-insane scenario design.


Have the e-raptor box insert.


Great co-op experience for investigators, though a bit hard to learn and characters seem imbalanced. The mystery story aspect does not come through, though. Never tried it from the keeper perspective.


Initial impressions are very strong for me. I am not an AH fan, and this was FFG's chance to sell me on the theme.


2-5, 120m


Play only with Atleast one player that have played the game before, that person should also be the keeper. To long setuptime and rulebook reading. Only for the geeks


(10/17) 8. Fantastically thematic game. App integration is SUPERB and REALLY mitigates what otherwise might feel like quite a fiddly game. Haven't played it in a little while, but can see this score potentially creeping up.