Ticket To Ride: Map Collection Volume 1 - Asia

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TEAM ASIA: The team aspect is somewhat fun - but not being able to share details can, if played to the extreme, result in a game where general banter is discouraged, which can result in it being somewhat of a downer.LEGENDARY ASIA: An enjoyable enough version, but the destruction mechanic doesn't really make for a different enough version to warrant a specific purchase. If you aren't interested in the team play on the obverse, it isn't justified, in my view.


Nothing special compared to some of the other ticket to ride maps out there (fair enough as this was the first one, but I've played a lot of the others before this). There's a neat mechanic to score extra points for certain routes by sacrificing a train. I do really like the little card holders that they added in. Haven't played the team map yet.


Have only played Legendary Asia, but really like the new mechanics (and the board)


Team Asia has provided some of the best gaming experiences I've ever had, if not the best. Shocked by how much I have enjoyed it. The legendary Asia map is excellent as well. The mountain routes that require you discard a train to play allow you to have more control over the end game.